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Consisting of 24 courses (see course listing below) studied over one academic year the Certificate program is for all believers desiring a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of the Word of God that can be applied to their daily lives.​


Students can enroll in this program only after successful completion of the Certificate in Biblical Studies. It consists of 24 courses (see course listing below) studied over the course of one academic year and is aimed at those wanting to go deeper still in their study of God's Word or, those sensing a call into full-time Christian ministry.


This option allows you to audit (without receiving a grade or credit) any classes throughout the academic year. 

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  • Authority of the Word

  • Believer’s Authority

  • Biblical Chronology

  • Christ the Healer

  • Christianity & Contemporary Cults

  • Eschatology 1 & 2

  • Essential Bible Doctrines

  • Fruit of the Spirit

  • Galatians

  • Life of Faith (video)

  • Life of Obedience

  • New Testament Survey

  • One Flesh

  • Old Testament Survey

  • Prospering God’s Way

  • Prayer

  • Renewing the Mind (video)

  • Redemptive Realities

  • Righteousness

  • Soul-Winning

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Spiritual Growth and Maturity

  • The Life of Christ

  • The Love Walk

  • The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit

  • Understanding Covenant

  • Understanding Deliverance

  • Worship Lifestyle


  • 20th Century Church Movements

  • Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Book of Romans

  • Character of God

  • Church History

  • Ecclesiology

  • Effective Christian Counselling (video)

  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Epistle to the Romans

  • Heroes of Faith

  • Homiletics 1 & 2

  • Christianity & the Contemporary Cults

  • Keys to Kingdom Character

  • Life of Honor

  • Life of Paul

  • Making Marriage Work (video)

  • Ministry of Angels & Demonology

  • In Search of Timothy (video))

  • Pastoral Ministry

  • Paul's Letters

  • People Skills

  • Service in Ministry

  • Spiritual Leadership Principles

  • The Tabernacle

  • Understanding Grace

  • Vision

  • Wisdom Precepts

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